Finding the best way to describe myself is always a tough thing…hmmm…about me…where to begin…

Christian. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Loving. Loyal. Caring. Giving. Love my family, friends and value people. Heart for service. Leader. Mentor. Always seeking ways to learn and grow. Sports fanatic. Politics. Book worm. Movie buff. Music lover. Travel enthusiast.

Oh yeah, and a love and passion for the written word…

But maybe this exercise is so hard because that’s the thing…this isn’t all about me.

As I often mention, I truly believe that by opening up about our triumphs and struggles, our joys and our pains, our hopes and our fears, and everything in between, we can support, encourage and inspire one another as we move through this journey of life together.

So by sharing my experiences, I hope to plant a seed, provoke thought, generate discussion. Be an authentic voice of realism that provides an honest take on all aspects of life…while also acknowledging my blessings and expressing gratitude, optimism and hope.

But most of all, I hope this will be a space that helps us all to learn, grow, and thrive as we experience one of life’s greatest rewards…the connection we form with one another.

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